Zouk Army
Code of Conduct


To all our Beautiful Dancers

Zouk Army Orlando takes pride in what we do and cares deeply about everyone’s well-being. We wish to create a community where everyone is respected. Everyone should be able to explore dancing without judgment of gender, sexuality, skin color, age, size, religion, or ethnicity. Our mission is to train and develop Brazilian Zouk in a supportive and relaxed atmosphere. We wish to grow as a family. Here are a few guidelines for our classes, socials, and events.

1) You have every right to decide who, when and how long you wish to dance. If you do not want to dance, please do not be afraid to say “No, thank you” politely, with a smile. ?

2) You do not need to give any explanation or justify your decisions; your well-being is a priority.

3) Please respect the dance level of everyone around you. Feel free to be creative and have fun but if something physically hurts, communicate with your partner so that they are aware.

4) Respect your partner’s physical and emotional boundaries in class, during socials, and events. Any type of harassment will not be tolerated. Also, be aware of your boundaries. Establish verbal consent before taking further steps.

5) Please be courteous and keep your hygiene game on point. Feel free to ask others for gum or spray if needed.

6) If something feels uncomfortable to you either from another person, in class, or at one of our events and you would like something to be done differently, please confront the person you are feeling uncomfortable with.

7) Zouk Army Orlando is here to support you and your safety. If you are in an uncomfortable situation know that you can reach out to our staff to help with the situation either in person or online.


If You Need Assistance or Wish to Leave Feedback:


Zouk Army Pro Tips:
We encourage you to establish any limitations, wants, or energetic styles that you wish to communicate with your partner. Communication is key!

We encourage you to use our 1-hour practica after class to ask for feedback from your instructors or dance partners.

Thank you for dancing with all levels of dancers. Keep in mind that everyone started as a beginner!

Treat yourself with compassion and kindness in your dance journey. This is a very technical dance that takes time to acquire proficiency. You don’t have to be the best to do your best.


Remember Zouk Army Loves You!