Steps to the Brazilian Zouk dance

The New Moves In Town: The Brazilian Zouk Dance

Can we agree that there is something about moving your body to the sound of music? You may know Brazil for its soccer players, tropical beaches, or Amazon rainforest, but do you know the Brazilian zouk dance? Brazil is giving us another excuse to sign up for interesting classes and sway our hips. Whether you have two left legs or a dancing bone in you, everyone is welcome to learn this amazing dance in Zouk Army Orlando. All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. Get your body to exercise while having the most fun. Join the zouk army and put those dancing skills to the test. We offer various packages to suit all our clients’ needs. Ready to hit the floor? Let’s show you how to get started!

The Brazilian Zouk Dance Steps Are Simple!

Below are the instructions for the leader or man; the follower or lady can move in the opposite direction. Shall we?

  • At the start, your feet should fall apart from each other without compromising comfort. Shift your weight to the right foot, ensuring the left foot just touches the ground. 
  • Take a long step to the back with your left and count ‘one.’ Pass on the weight to the left foot while letting the right brush through the floor.
  • Count ‘two’ as you hold your position. 
  • Count’ three,’ placing the right foot a little behind your left. This is a slight step to the back. Then transfer all your weight to the right foot. 
  • Count ‘four’ by transferring your weight to the front and onto the left foot. Your feet should remain this way as you bring your body forward. At the same time, the bodyweight should be transferred to the left foot. 
  • On count ‘five,’ use your right foot to take a long step to the front. Drag the left foot on the ground and close behind you. 
  • On count ‘six,’ hold your position. Your weight should focus on your right foot while the left foot should remain behind.
  • Take your left foot slightly forward on the count of ‘seven.’ Be sure to shift your weight to the left foot as the right foot remains behind you. 
  • Count ‘eight,’ and transfer your body’s weight onto the right foot. This is while leaving the left foot to be free for movement and return to count ‘one.’
  • At beat 8, you should be back at your starting position. The pattern doesn’t change and commences by stepping back with the left foot!

Why Come To Zouk Army In Orlando For Your Brazilian Zouk Dancing?

Professional classes

Go pro with the dancing experts! We have a great team of Brazilian zouk dancers who are always happy to add more dancers to the world. They all have varying experiences and backgrounds in the dancing community. They offer high-level training to learners and are very friendly. Practice makes perfect, and no one cares about your dancing success like they do. 

Professional dance setting

We have great dancing facilities and a supportive atmosphere that accelerates learning. It’s safe for one or two falls along the way and features the best setting from your coming into your exit. Everyone is also warm because we believe we are one community of dancers. 

First free class

Who says no to a free good or service, especially when you will learn one of the most exquisite dances of all time? Well, Zouk Army Orlando offers a first free class. What are you doing next Tuesday and Thursday? It’s another opportunity to be a freak with your moves. You can get a taste and feel the Brazilian zouk dance without committing. It’s a date!

Various packages

At Zouk Army Orlando, we understand that all our clients are unique. That’s why we incorporate varying packages to suit the different needs. Our class packages start from as little as $18, with the private lesson packages beginning from $75. And if you want a little of both, the class and private packages have you covered below:

  • Blue package: 4 classes with one private lesson at $98
  • Purple package: 10 classes with four private lessons at $280
  • Pink package: 10 classes with ten private lessons. 

What’s life without some…parties?

There is something for everyone, and party lovers are not left out. Find your ideal monthly package among the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond packs.


Why Is The Brazilian Zouk Dance Becoming People’s Favorite?

Suits any music

Perhaps one of the superiorities of this dance is it works perfectly with any music. From hip hop to trance, Zouk dancing is for all. The Zouk rhythm is all you need to activate those veins and foster relaxation. 

The flow

Zouk lovers are undoubtedly addicted to the unique flow. Kizomba may have certain similarities with Zouk, but the latter still tops the former with flowing sensuality. It features a fiery passion and allows expression. It’s as if each step is a piece of a narrative. Maybe your narrative!

No structuring

With Zouk, the sky’s the limit since there are no limitations to what your creativity can do. You can improvise this dance to your liking. Dance to the fast or slow beats of your drum, literally! There is no standard tempo or beat. You just go with your inspiration. Still, this is after knowing your way around the beats and styles. Remember that you have to master the rules to break them like an artist!


We all love some fun, and Zouk features creativity, movement, athleticism, and improvisation at every stride you make to a new level. Saying it is fun is almost like an understatement; it’s indescribable. Just watching it stirs emotions and feelings; how about dancing to it? Think of those amazing tilts with your partner. There is a body connection between partners, moving in one direction and creating a distance where needed.


Adult Dance Classes Orlando

You may not need to hit the gym after all!

Zouk is fun, but there is an athletic aspect to it. It is especially true for the tilted movements that engage your core, orientation, and balance. Some moves call for the leg and core strength. So, what if you are new? The hunger to get it right and repeated exposure are the two ingredients for a delicious zouk dance.

The Brazilian Zouk dance is growing popular by the day, creating a large community. Zouk Army Orlando has the perfect space and atmosphere for you to learn and be an expert at this playful dance. Our professional and friendly instructors are the best you will find anywhere. With the assortment of class and private packages, what’s stopping you? Besides, you can take up the free first class. Don’t miss out; start dancing now!

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